Elaine Partnow

While acting is her passion, Elaine Partnow is also an author, screenwriter, quotologist, editor, instructor and performance speaker especially noted for her living history portrayals. Elaine has brought some of her dozens of portrayals of fabulous women to tens of thousands of women, men, and children internationally at more than 500 venues. She wrote, co-produced and starred in an educational film about six of those women and was awarded “Best Inspiring Woman in A Film” by Festigious Film Festival (January 2017). She also received the Diamond Award for Best Actor at the NYC Indie Film Festival (January 2017). A member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA since the early 1960s, she’s written, produced and acted in her own one-woman show, “Hear Us Roar, A Woman’s Connection”; and was commissioned to write and perform “Hispanic Women Speak”.
“Elaine plays the mother of Marty “Fence” Blanchette in INIQUITY and is so fun to watch. This raunchy character is nothing like her real self and that transformation is always the greatest thing to see. She’s a studied professional and has so much happening in her career right now.” Joey Lanai – Director

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